Military Appreciation Month, Featuring Trident Tribe Ambassador, Tori Marie!

Welcome to the Tribe, Tori!

Tori is a rad gal that holds a special place in the Trident Tribe. This month we wanted to take a little bit of time to show some extra love towards those serving in the US Military. Doing this interview is the start to more ways we aim to connect and enjoy each other over a cup of coffee.

Military Appreciation Month   

As we followed her around the shop, she told us a little bit about her and why she loves Trident Coffee. As a lady from Illinois who managed to see the world through her work with the Navy, she grew up and started working in Rhode Island and Virginia Beach before landing here in San Diego.


As a Lieutenant in the Navy Reserve, she is currently working on getting her MBA from San Diego State University while enjoying classes revolving around entrepreneurship and marketing.

All the while, she is a single mom of an adorable little toddler that keeps her active and on the move. The two of them love to get outside, go for runs with him in the jogger, and when she manages to get to it by herself she is the pull-up QUEEN. 

Character as a pillar of our brand stems from health and wellness surrounding the fitness industries we connect with; she is someone that truly embodies these core values. Exactly why we wanted to highlight her for our Military Appreciation Month.

Going back to how she serves, we asked her a little bit about what she does on a more regular basis for her community. She was super authentic when sharing her passion for the little things, “I think it’s so important to appreciate the opportunities available to give back,” said Tori, “and not necessarily any large gestures. It’s in small ways as often as possible that makes the biggest impact.” We love this, and wholeheartedly want to encourage any and all to take the time to reach out around you to help those in need, or just simply give back. 

The most important question of them all was the last and final note about which coffee she loved most! Without any hesitation, she pointed out the Mexican Mocha with our Son of A Son of A Sailor. She said hanging at Trident Coffee has given her a great sense of community with her friends, or just the people in the shop surrounding her. This is exactly what are are set out to accomplish, giving people a sense of community starting with their first cup of coffee.

To hear more about Tori and the specific role of hers in the Navy, or the ways she loves to give get outside and give back, jump into our IGTV and listen in!

Military Appreciation Month


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