Our Story

Serving as a Naval Officer, Eric Johnson started brewing his own cold brew coffee during his final tour of duty in Iraq. Eric used his downtime to immerse himself in the coffee culture and started experimenting with recipes. He soon became so proficient that he was being praised for his product. Eric then found himself at an impasse upon his return; his time in service was coming to an end, and he knew he wanted to go into business for himself - to create something that would be remembered. He did not want to build a business solely for profit, he wanted to create a brand that would inspire people to "craft their own legacy."

Here at Trident Coffee, we are storytellers. All of our cold brews remind our customers that they are part of something bigger than themselves. We create connections through symbology and storytelling that engage with our customers on an emotional level distinguishing us from other coffee brands. We directly source our coffee to create a life cycle accountability that is transparent, organic, and empowers our coffee partners to be with us for the long haul. We take a scientific approach to brewing that captures different tasting notes and experiences with each cold brew to showcase that coffee is truly a craft beverage. “Good tasting” and “healthy” belong in the same sentence. We are here to prove it to you.