Our Story

Our Story: Charting the Trident Coffee Odyssey

Amid the vast desert of Iraq, far from the rhythmic pulse of the ocean, Eric Johnson discovered an unexpected harbor in the uncharted craft of cold brew coffee. Those moments of tranquility amidst the sands ignited a passion – delving into the depths of the coffee world, experimenting and tweaking his cold brew, he aimed to perfect this craft.

As the horizon beckoned him home, Eric felt the siren's call. Not merely to set sail on a business venture, but to chart a course – weaving tales, legends, and creating ports of connection. Trident Coffee wasn’t merely birthed from ambition but from a vision: to empower others to live life full steam ahead.

In distant lands, where the tides of culture and circumstances intertwined, Eric experienced the anchoring power of coffee and tea. Time seemed to pause, barriers became bridges, and over a shared cup, Eric and village elders would converse, transcending spoken tongues, and navigate uncharted waters together. This communion steered the creation of Trident Coffee, crafted to fuel the spirit of exploration and foster kinships across life's vast oceans.

Trident Coffee isn’t just about brews and beans; it's a map of tales and ties. Our cold brews are compasses, guiding you through tales of adventure and discovery. With symbols and narratives as our guiding stars, we connect, standing out as the lighthouse in the coffee seascape.

Our odyssey with coffee goes beyond the shores of brewing. We form lasting alliances, championing transparency and organic routes. Each cold brew is a testament to our nautical artistry, highlighting coffee's vast sea of flavors and possibilities.

Because at Trident Coffee, we believe in harmonizing taste and wellness. And we’re here, compass and map in hand, inviting you to embark on this journey with us.