Tap Room and Brewery

 We are the first of our kind! A cold brew coffee brewery.  Come down to the Bikeway Village in Imperial Beach and check it out for yourself with 15 nitro cold brew coffees and one tea on tap.  We also have two cold brews on our hot nitro dispenser.

536 13th Street Suite 6
Imperial Beach, CA 91932


Monday thru Friday: 7:00AM to 3:00PM

Saturday and Sunday: 8:00AM to 4:00PM 


Siren Song - Cascara Tonic with Ginger and Lemon

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

We are known for our Ambrotos style cold brews.  Now you can make any cold brew Ambrotos style with MCT Oil and Collagen Peptides!

 Light Roasts:

Anchors Aweigh - Organic Colombia Tolima infused with Vanilla Bean.  Packed with more caffeine and antioxidants, this light roast Colombian is bright and chocolatey. 

Link in the Chain - Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe with emulsified Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil.  The rich blueberry notes are sure to please those that love a good Ethiopian coffee.

Son of a Son of a Sailor - Organic Mexico Chiapas infused with Cinnamon, Orange Peel, and Cocoa Nibs.  Quickly becoming a fan favorite, chocolate, citrus and cinnamon notes are perfectly assembled for an amazing coffee experience.

Medium Roasts:

El Capitan -  Guatemala Acatanengo with Horchata.  The perfect blend of creamy, sweet and cinnamon spice.

Trident - Direct Trade Brazil Fazendo Canaan. Our flagship cold brew, our partners down in Brazil curate an amazing coffee with rich chocolate and caramel notes.

 Ships in the Night - Brazil Swiss Water Process Decaf.  A perfect option for those that love a delicious decaf.

Dark Roasts:

Rising Tide - Panama Boquete with Cacao Powder

Island Hopper - Organic Papua New Guinea AX Highlands

Damn the Torpedoes - Organic Peru Cajamarca with Chicory Root.  For those that like a bold coffee, this is our darkest roast, but is still so smooth.

Stoic Bond - Vietnam Highlands with Coconut Milk and Organic Simple Syrup.  Our Vietnamese style cold brew is rich and decadent.

Weather the Storm - India Monsoon Malabar with Hemp Milk, MCT Oil and nootropics.

Daily Rations - Brazil Sitio San Sebastio, bourbon barrel rested.  For those that enjoy an Old Fashioned cocktail, without the alcohol of course.

Calm Under Pressure - Organic Bali Blue Moon infused with Cacao Nibs.  This Bali coffee paired with Cacao Nibs gives the cold brew rich dark chocolate notes.