Nitro Cold Brew in Athletics

Now that we’ve covered where the term “Nitro Cold Brew” comes from and how to brew it in the comfort of our own homes, it is time to uncover what we can accomplish when this caffeinated beverage is consumed before embarking on physical activities. With many products on the market claiming to boost energy and help athletic performance, sticking to good ole’ cold brew coffee should be your first choice when it comes to a pre-workout supplement for that natural boost of energy. 

With coffee containing natural stimulants like caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and chlorogenic acid, that uplifting spike you feel after downing a 12 ounce Anchor’s Aweigh comes from the body signaling for the release of adrenaline (1). With our Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, taking advantage of caffeine as coffee’s top athletic benefactor is easier (and tastier) than ever!

Caffeine has been known for years as the original and ultimate workout enhancer. In a study published by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, individuals who consumed caffeine before a workout were able to preform more repetitions of strength exercises when compared to those who drank decaf coffee or those who took a placebo (2). According to Carwyn Sharp PhD, Chief Science Officer for the National Strength and Conditioning Association, consuming caffeine before, during, or later in exercise can help improve performance and decrease the onset of feeling fatigued (1). While strength training is a key factor in physical fitness, one study also showed caffeine greatly increased endurance training performance in both men and women (3). Another study showed that caffeine can also aid in weight loss by promoting thermogenesis, energy expenditure, and fat oxidation (4). One particular study showed that those who consumed caffeine prior to cardiovascular training were able to burn more calories than those who performed the workout without the supplement (5).

In addition to enhancing athletic performance, caffeine has been linked to improved brain function! One study showed that long-term memory and cognitive recognition was stronger with the use of caffeine (6). 

So why choose Nitro Cold Brew Coffee versus regular, hot brewed coffee? The answer is simple. Nitro-Cold Brew Coffee is just made differently (see our Nitro Cold Brew post for more information on the benefits of using nitrogen). Instead of extracting the flavor from the beans with high heat, cold brew coffee is made by steeping the beans in cold water for up to 24 hours. By eliminating heat in the brewing process, the coffee comes out with a smoother and less bitter flavor. Cold brew coffee also comes loaded with more caffeine, and less acidity when compared to hot brewed coffee methods  (7, 8). This is definitely an important factor when consuming right before physical activity - no acid reflux symptoms here! 

At Trident Coffee, our mission is to bring connection to people in our community while upholding our character to the highest standard. We aim to do this by bringing people together over top of the line Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Whether you’re joining our marathon training team, swinging by before you hit the gym for that daily dose of sweat-induced endorphins, or studying for that final exam on the comfy blue couch in our tap room, our coffee will help fuel you and will bring your performance to the next level. 












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