Nitro Cold Brew Coffee - What is it?

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

It’s no surprise that everyone has begun enjoying the newer trend of cold brew coffee, as it has so recently invigorated the coffee industry. With cold brew having traits of being less acidic to having more caffeine, making the switch to cold brew can lead to tons of benefits!

It’s All About the Cold 

Each Trident Coffee begins with the beans. Sourced from countries all over the world like Panama, Brazil, Ethiopia and Columbia (to name a few), it’s no shock that each brew comes with its own unique and individual flavors. Once the beans are roasted, the coffee is brewed cold right from the start which decreases the acidity level (1). This is extremely beneficial for anyone who has acid reflux or afternoon coffee sensitivities. Since its brewed cold, our coffee also has more caffeine than a regular brewed coffee due to its low brew temperature (2). You’ll feel more energized from the first few sips!  

The Scoop On Nitro 

In our Imperial Beach location, two light, six medium, and seven dark roasts are transferred to a keg and served on tap. To pour our delicious brews, each coffee is pushed with nitrogen. One reason we utilize nitrogen in our coffee is so that we can sustain our brews longer when it’s pressurized with nitrogen because it helps keep it from spoiling (3). As nitrogen does it’s job to keep our beverages fresh, nitrogen also helps to create a frothy coldness while giving the coffee a beautiful, velvety, and cascading effect. This is not only neat to look at, but cool to drink (literally). 

Another plus to using nitrogen is that it texturizes the coffee with a creamy characteristic while keeping the drink at lower temperatures. With the coldness basically built in to the drink, there’s also no need to add ice that only takes up space and melts away flavor. Can someone say “you get more bang for your buck”? 

If checking it out our taproom doesn’t coordinate into the schedule, don’t worry! Our Trident and Ambrotos cans are not lacking in the nitrogen department. Shake the can vigorously three times, pour hard into a glass and  enjoy that nitro cascading cold brew anywhere you choose to take your adventures.  





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