By: Taylor Milton
Home Brew
Happy National Home-Brew Day! For many, the idea of DIY coffee stands as an intimidation, but the idea of making your favorite pour over from the coffee shop across town is also so desirable. Then there's a huge handful of people falling in love with the brewing process ever since we started fashionably working from home. If you're one or both, or somewhere in between we wanted to share with you a little beginners guide of how to brew coffee from your home... on National Home-Brew Day! And don't worry, specialty espresso gives off an expensive flare, but the manual brewing is actually quite affordable. Follow along then be sure to give it a try.
For starters, jump online to or run down to one of our TapRooms to pick up a bag of beans. We suggest our RISING TIDE ROAST from Panama Boquete, one of our darker roasts. If you want to jump a step in the brewing process, ask the shop to ground the beans for you, otherwise we will explain that part of the in house steps.
Home Brew Roasted CoffeeLet's talk coffee equipment. We are going to go into the steps of a pour over so be sure to check out some of the companies below that we are partnering with us to get you set up right. You're going to need a V60 Dripper, paper filters, coffee beans, the ability to heat up water (via microwave, stove top, or water kettle) and your favorite coffee mug.
Without going down a worm hole, it's time to pick some beans. If you aren't sure what you like regarding light, medium, and dark roast, or the numerous tasting notes between, asking a barista for advice is always a great place to start. Keep in mind, the roast date matters! Just like bread or avos, the fresher the better, and same goes for coffee beans! A good rule of thumb is to buy about a weeks worth so you can keep a fresh, drinkable amount without losing any of its quality in flavor.
Coffee at home
We are going to dabble in "how to filter + pour over" your coffee so grab that V60 dripper and a paper filter and lets get going. Once you have everything you need, set your dripper on top if your mug. Fold the paper filter and put it inside the dripper. When it comes to quantity of grounded beans (for a low maintenance beginner) we advise about 2-3 spoons for 1-2 solid cups of coffee. Meanwhile, preheat your water to a boil.
Once your water has come to a boil and your beans are prepared inside your filter, it is time to pour! The key is to pour slowly in a circular direction around the rim of the dripper. As a general guidance, set the timer on your phone... pour more of the water early on for a fruitier, more acidic cup of coffee, and for greater body, keep pouring for longer.

After that, add whatever else makes your coffee the perfect home-brew. Meaning, if you like some kind of milk, creamer, MCT oil, or collagen... toss it in, mix, and enjoy! Happy Home-Brew Day... Snap photos or videos and share your home-brew experiences with us @tridentcoffee on IG, Twitter, or Facebook!

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