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Ambrotos Emulsified MCT Oil

Ready to upgrade your coffee? Now with our Ambrotos Emulsified Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil you can create a "bulletproof" style coffee with ease and no mess or blender needed.  Just add to your coffee and stir, the emulsified MCT Oil mixes evenly and smoothly to both hot or cold coffee. 

- 100% Coconut Sourced MCT Oil (Organic Compliant) No Palm Oil.

- 60% Capyrlic (C8) and 40% Capric (C10) Acid, Zero Lauric Acid (C12)

- Great for the Ketogenic lifestyle. Paleo Friendly and Vegan. Sugar Free.

Ambrotos is Greek for immortal, and at Trident Coffee we strive to help others live their legacy daily by giving them the best coffee and fuel around to get the most out of each day. 


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