Why You Should Cold Brew Your Coffee

Here are four quick benefits of cold brewing your coffee and why everyone should give it a try.

Smoother, richer flavor profile.

            The ground coffee beans are allowed to marinate in water, and does not force an exchange using heat or pressure. This allows for more of the coffee origin flavors to be extracted and enjoyed without the bitterness of regular black coffee.

Reduced acidity.

            While the flavor and tasting notes of bitterness and acidity are often related, the acidity of coffee has health impacts that are marginalized with the cold brew process. Reduced acidity can help the body be more neutral on the pH scale and are easier on the teeth enamel and esophagus for those who have acid reflux issues. We achieved a 70% redux in acidity when we conducted an in house experiment with a French Press method compared to our cold brew.

More caffeine.

            The reason most people consume any coffee product is for the energy boost. The increased caffeine content with cold brew coffee is great for those who need an extra kick in the morning or as a pre-workout drink.

Kick the sugar habit!

            Instead of opting for sugary energy drinks or coffee with added milk, cream and sugar, cold brew offers the perfect solution to help reduce sugar intake throughout the day with the reduced acidity and smoother flavor. 

These are our top four reasons why we love cold brew coffee.  Let's us know if there are any others that you have.

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