What is Keto?

By: Taylor MiltonWhat is Keto, you ask? Well, it was originally created to treat epilepsy. Then it transitioned to treat other medical needs like diabetes. This type of diet is known to be extra low carb compared to most other options. For the keto diet to work, your body must be deprived of carbs so that it will burn fat for fuel. That means this diet restricts you to about 50 grams of carbs a day, which is less than most other low carb diets out there. Read on about a few "fun facts" on keto and why Trident decided to implement this into its coffee model.

1. You can eat a lot of different foods on this diet
This diet unlike many includes food rich in fats such as dairy and meats
2. Most fruits aren't good for Keto
Aside from low sugar berries which are okay for Keto, most fruits are surprisingly much too high in carbs to comply
3. It's okay to consume a large amount of fat on this diet
Your body's fuel source can be driven by fat, but it's important that you're eating healthy fats, not just any fatty foods
4. Keto has the ability to change your metabolism
Ketosis is the term used for the way your body physically changes the way your metabolism works


With all these interesting facts in mind, here are some of the working theories positively backing the keto diet:

It decreases appetite-stimulating hormones
It increases calorie burning
It decreases food cravings
It promotes fat loss

Trident coffee kicked off its mission with one thing in mind: Reinventing the wheel of making your idea of a typical coffee filled with lots of added sugars, a more healthy and long-lasting nutritional go-to. This means, as the consumer you are getting complete health and wellness, from all things keto, from our coffee to our donuts.

keto donuts and coffee trident coffee

Our Nitro Cold Brews are keto based— still sweet from the monk fruit with a creamy taste from the MCT Oil. They are healthy theme based coffees to help fuel your day. We take a scientific approach to brewing that captures different tasting notes with each cold brew to showcase coffee as a craft beverage. 
On another note, we are also changing the way people perceive donuts. Craving more than one? Go ahead, there's no longer any guilt involved! Check out the nutritional facts on all of our donuts to better understand the no sugar, low carb, high protein benefits to all of our products.


“Great tasting” and “healthy” belong in the same sentence, and we are here to prove it.


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