Trident Coffee Cold Brew Coffee with MCT Oil Review


by Alex Lewis, CEO of PrettyFit

Cold brew coffee is all the rage right now and for good reason:

It's a smoother, less acidic, and more caffeinated form of coffee that will make you wonder how you ever drank regular iced coffee.

Good cold brew coffee is super smooth and doesn't even require milk/creamer or sugar to be delicious.

This should be of particular interest to those who love coffee and are conscious of their health since many people dump tons of sugar into their normal coffee...

Not exactly the best thing for your wellness or fitness!

Another recent trend has been the explosion of Bulletproof style coffee: basically coffee mixed with butter and MCT Oil.

While it might sound strange (or gross) if you haven't tried it, it is actually delicious and gives you an incredible amount of long-lasting energy.

This is largely due to the MCT Oil - MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are a fantastic source of energy for both the body and the mind, not to mention studies show they can reduce appetite and decrease body fat.

While I'm personally a fan of Bulletproof coffee, I've never enjoyed the following:

1) The time it takes to mix it all together myself

2) Having to drink it hot-I much prefer cold drinks

That's why I was pumped when I learned about Trident Coffee's Cold Brew Coffee with MCT Oil.

The team at Trident Coffee (who specialize in cold brew and nitro coffees) figured out a way to mix MCT Oil into cold brew coffee without the typical separation that normally occurs when MCT Oil is mixed into a cold beverage (the main reason nobody else is doing this right now).

The result is nothing short of pure awesomeness.

Not only is this the smoothest tasting cold brew coffee you've ever tried, it also delivers an incredibly long-lasting and smooth energy (thanks to the combination of caffeine and MCT Oil).

The taste is rich and smooth and there is absolutely no need to add any milk, sugar etc. to it.

And it doesn't require any preparation on your simply shake the can a few times and dump it into a glass and voila, a better and more efficient version of Bulletproof style coffees.

It might not have the butter, but personally that is the least compelling part of Bulletproof style coffee anyways.

Having tried both Trident Cold Brew + MCT and traditional Bulletproof style coffee, I find the Trident version to have all the benefits while being even tastier and significantly more convenient.

Plus the hipster in me enjoys the fact that the coffee is from a single-estate in Brazil and roasted directly by Trident...which simply means that the coffee is incredibly high-quality and fresh since it is roasted right before it is used to make the cold-brew coffee.

Basically this is everything I want in a coffee - delicious taste, ultra high-quality, and fantastic energy.

My only complaint is that as of right now it is a bit pricey at $29.99 for a 6-pack.

In fairness that pricing is actually probably only about a $1 more per serving than making your own Bulletproof coffee at home.

But even so it could be a bit costly if you want to drink 2 or more of these per day...and you will because they are delicious and make you feel great :)

I highly recommend you consider giving Trident's Cold Brew + MCT Oil a shot - you won't be disappointed!


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