The Ambrotos Legacy

If you've stopped in to the taproom in Imperial Beach, the cafe in Harbor Island, or have snagged one of our cans in stores, you’re probably familiar with the “white can” from Trident Coffee. What you may not know is where the inspiration began for our top selling cold brew.

The coffee itself is made from a directly sourced coffee bean from Brazil. After its brewed, we enhance our signature coffee 'base' with a deliciously creamy emulsified MCT Oil and vanilla extract. (If you’re curious about the health benefits that MCT Oil offers, check out this blog HERE).

Aside from making a statement in the industry as being a healthier, tastier, and more delicious coffee, the background behind the Ambrotos theme is pretty unique. The name “Ambrotos” originated from the Greek word for “immortal”, meaning the ability to live forever, or eternal life.

We’re convinced that with the sustainable energy, mental clarity, and other physical benefits the coffee generously provides, you will definitely have a sense of eternal strength and endurance. While people obviously can’t live forever, we know that the legacy a person leaves behind can. The immortality of a crafted legacy that can be passed on for generations is the root of inspiration behind our Ambrotos nitro cold brew coffee line.

With this in mind, we have been teaming up with other local businesses and organizations that are doing their part to pass on their own legacy. Toor Knives became our first partnership in this sense, and we are stoked to be able to share their passion and vision with the Trident Tribe. 

Toor Knives specializes in hand crafted knives that are created in the back of their showroom in San Diego, California. Brothers Cameron and Connor Toor began creating their custom, tactical knives based on their military experience and after seeing the need for a better design. 

Last week, we were able to visit their shop and watch the production process as each person on their team worked to fulfill a large order. Each knife is ground by hand, fitted with a distinct handle, and personally engraved. It was incredible to see how much attention to detail, creativity, and reliability went in to making their knives. It’s clear that Toor Knives has made a lasting impact in their market, and that their legacy will be exemplified by their craftsmanship and within each knife for generations to come. 

To learn more about this veteran-owned, local business, check out Toor Knives' website and give them a follow on instagram. 

Cheers, Trident Tribe!


~Photo by Chris Ruel~

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