We Rise Best Together

By: Taylor Milton

Our Rising Tide Roasted Coffee was created in memory of John F Kennedy. He set an example we love to remind our tribe about. John F Kennedy believed, "THAT TOGETHER WE COULD RISE AS A COMMUNITY AND ENJOY ECONOMIC PROSPERITY."
Rising Tide Roasted Coffee
Here in San Diego during the month of May we have been taking the time to appreciate those that serve for us, as well as, getting out into the community to care for our neighborhood. We are trying to encourage the community to take any portion of their time, big or small, to do a little something for their community that creates a full circle of gratitude. The opportunities available in San Diego are remarkable, and in order to create a better, cleaner, safer, and more sustainable city we all love calling home, it requires a little bit of give back!
Rising Tide Roasted Coffee JFK

Whether it's the small acts of kindness, or the large gestures, both make a huge positive impact on the world we live in. The ripple effect is real, and the best way to make the world a better place is to be the one to start the movement instead of relying on someone else to pull the trigger.
Each month we have begun sharing inside our monthly newsletters some of our favorite local happenings with hopes that it is an added way to grow our Trident community. Not only is sharing time over coffee our way of connecting, but through our active lifestyle and mindset, are we able to find extra avenues for growth in relationships.

Beach clean up
(Rising Tide Beach Clean-Up at IB- 4/25) 
Our Rising Tide beans are from a region that has flown under the radar compared to many other coffee countries for way too long. Panama Boquete grows the perfect example of superior quality coffee with a distinct flavor unlike any other. With its strong, fruity flavor profile, and moderate body, this DARK roast will make your taste buds sing! As soon as you open the bag, the aromas will begin to speak for themselves which is why we believe this BOLD bean is the perfect boost for our mission together into bigger, and better things!

Coffee Beans Aroma Panama
Those around us are our community, our neighbors, our future... so let's band together and create a beautiful place we can call home by lifting each other up through acts of goodness, all the while, drinking incredibly delicious coffee. Join the Tribe, Let's THRIVE!
Roasted coffee trident coffee

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