By Elizabeth Kane

What would fall be without a good ‘ole pumpkin spiced latte? The PSL (pumpkin spiced latte) has become the epitome of fall coffee culture. So, we created the tastiest, guilt-free PSL. Every other PSL on the market is loaded with sugars, saturated fats, and unnecessary additives, making it a guilty treat. Our Pumpkin Spiced Keto Latte was made to be included in your daily life. We made an extra effort to make our PSL: USDA Organic, Keto Friendly, Gluten Free, Non-Dairy, and Paleo-Friendly. No guilt here! Not only is our PSL loaded with Organic Nitro Cold Brew, but we’ve also packed it with healthy alternatives to artificial sweeteners, fillers, and additives. 

Our PSL contains the following ingredients: coffee (organic), water, medium-chain triglyceride oil (organic), acacia senegal (organic), pumpkin spice (organic), gellan gum, and monk fruit (organic). We believe each ingredient brings tremendous health benefits while bringing that classic pumpkin taste!

Medium chain triglyceride oil (or MCT oil) is a different, much smaller, kind of fat. MCT oil is naturally occurring, commonly found in coconut and palm kernel oil. Because of its smaller size, our bodies can digest it easier, and absorb it into our bloodstream quicker. This means more energy, faster. Other health benefits of MCT oil include assisting in weight loss, appetite control, and inflammation. MCT oil is a great source of fats to aid the body in producing ketones, vital for the Keto diet.

Another ingredient in our PSL is acacia senegal. You’ve most likely seen this as acacia gum from the Acacia Senegal Wild plant. Science has found that this sticky gum will help relieve pain and inflammation, especially in easing stomach or throat discomfort. Also a good source of fiber, acacia senegal has been linked to reducing body fat. 

We all know pumpkin spice, a yummy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. But the vitamins and minerals of each contribute to better health. Each spice brings along powerful benefits of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, potassium, Zinc and Iron, and relief from digestive problems and discomforts.

Gellan gum is thickener similar to gelatin and agar-agar. Produced naturally from water lilies or by fermenting sugar with bacteria, gellan gum brings great texture and stabilizing qualities to our PSL. Benefits of Gellan gum include constipation relief, weight loss, appetite control, and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

The final ingredient in our PSLs is monk fruit, which is as it sounds, is a byproduct of the monk fruit. Utilized primarily as a sweetener, the antioxidants called mogrosides provide the sweetness, instead of natural sugars. Alongside these benefits of antioxidants, monk fruit claims to have anti-inflammatory benefits and potential weight loss effects.

Our PSL is simple. It’s made to be enjoyed every day giving you that fall feeling in a can without the regret afterwards. So as the leaves begin to drop alongside the temperature, reach for our Pumpkin Spiced Keto Latte to bring you your daily dose of caffeine and warm pumpkin spices. 


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