Health Benefits of Low Acidity in Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

There are many health benefits that can come from eating foods with low acidity. For the body to be in optimum health, the blood pH levels need to maintain an alkaline level. Nitro cold brew coffee is one of the amazing foods that contain a lower acidity level, which can ultimately help the body achieve some great benefits!

The human body’s pH level typically lies between 7.35 and 7.45. The circulatory system continually works to maintain this slightly alkaline level; however, this level can be significantly affected by what we eat.

Many processed foods like wheat, dairy, fish, red meats, sugar, and regular hot brewed coffee can increase the acidic level of the blood. This increase in blood acidity can contribute to causing a condition known as metabolic acidosis - which can put the body at a higher risk for developing chronic diseases like osteoporosis (bone loss), diabetes, and cancer.

When consuming a regularly brewed coffee, the hot water,between 195 F- 205 F, does help to bring out the flavor and caffeine from the coffee beans. Unfortunately, this high heat preparation causes the beans to release a number of acids in the coffee. These acids can irritate the stomach and cause other digestive problems.

Choosing to consume lower acidity foods definitely plays a huge part in staying healthy! The good news is that our nitro cold brew is here to help. With 13 coffees that we cold-brew for 18-24 hours, our Trident Coffees yield a much lower acidity level without losing out on the bold flavor of a great cup of joe.

Lower acidity levels in nitro cold brew do more than preventing potentially harmful acids from entering the body. Consuming your favorite Trident Coffee can provide benefits in the following 5 aspects:

  1. Optimum renal function

The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste, including excess acidity, to help maintain the body’s blood pH at around 7.4. The higher acidity in regular coffee, meats, fish, and dairy can challenge the kidneys to perform extra work to excrete the excess acid.

Since nitro cold brew coffee has lower acidity, it reduces the workload on the kidneys and helps to promote overall renal health. Additionally, if the body is already suffering from kidney disease, switching to a lower acidity cold brew can help slow down the progression of the disease.

  1. Preservation of bone mass

Many people suffer from rapid bone loss and osteoporosis, which can progress quicker with a high acid diet. However, when drinking lower acidity beverages like nitro cold brew coffee, less acid enters to body which can help to preserve the body’s bone mass.

Other low-acid foods to eat to help preserve bone mass include berries, citrus, vegetables, beans and lentils, nuts and seeds.

  1. Lower risk of cancer

Individuals who eat low-acid foods with little or no animal protein have been observed to have a reduced risk of cancer. Switching nitro cold brew coffee can help to keep disease at bay.

  1. Immune Strength

By drinking nitro cold brew coffee, the body can focus more on threats of acute illnesses, like the common cold.

The antioxidant content in cold brew coffee and other low-acid foods like fruits and vegetables, helps to boost the immune system!

As immune levels begin to drop with age, the need for low-acid foods increases to help ensure the body stays healthy and fit!

  1. Lower inflammation

Inflammation can be a helpful response in a healthy body, but when more processed and refined foods are consumed, high acidity levels can rise in the blood. This can begin to turn the inflammation towards the arteries, joints, and more unwanted areas.

Foods with lower acidity, like Trident Coffee, can help decrease this unwanted inflammation. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can also help reduce inflammation.

Instead of drinking a regular coffee with high acidity, making the switch to Nitro cold brew coffee can be highly beneficial, in more ways than one!

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