Harvest from the Beautiful Island of Bali

By: Taylor Milton
It’s that time again! Harvest of the Month is here and we are excited to share and grow knowledge around the beans we gather from around the world. This month we are featuring our Calm Under Pressure roasted beans which come all the way from BALI! This bean is considered a Bali Organic Blue Moon bean which is a part of a wet-hulling process that tends to give the beans a bluish tint. Wet-hulling emphasizes the beans’ body and mutes acidity making the coffee rich in flavors, and earthy. Most of the beans on the island are produced from a small number of family run farms on the volcanic soils of Mount Agung’s Kintamani highlands.
Bali blue moon
A very unique fact to the specialization of Bali’s coffee production is that the Balinese producers keep to traditional harmonization practices in their coffee cultivation process. They use and sustain the original irrigation systems dated back over 1000 years. This practice, called Tri HitaKarana meaning the three sources of prosperity, incorporates their Hindu philosophy focusing on intertwining the environment, humans, and God. By following these traditions all the way into their coffee production, it emphasizes a synthetic fertilizer and pesticide free process. 
Bali Blue Moon
The Bali Blue Moon beans have begun to populate across the globe which lead them to joining the Rainforest Alliance. This helps maintain their mission of traditional processing while outsourcing quality on a more international scale.
Here at Trident Coffee, we take these beans and French Roast them so that this dark roast gives chocolate, citrus, and brown sugar tasting notes. This dark chocolate aroma goes down smoothly, calmly restoring your mind, giving you the reassurance to its name. Calm Under Pressure is the perfect beginning of morning mindfulness, helping you face any fears, stressors, or speed bumps thrown your way on any given day.
Calm Under Pressure Beans


Calm Under Pressure Beans

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