Getting Active for Active Valor - Fueled by Trident Coffee

Trident Coffee 2019 Charity Fundraiser Series           

Reconnecting back to our roots, Trident Coffee was founded on the grounds of bringing people together (coffee pun definitely intended). As our values are signified on Connection, Community, and Character, we have been inspired to give back directly to the people of San Diego and to come together over great coffee.

                        Moving forward into 2019, we are putting our values together and, quite literally, are putting our endurance to the test. In early February, Trident Coffee launched the first of a four-part charity series for the year. With employees that double as family, each with our own unique personal hobbies, backgrounds, and character traits, we joined forces and decided on four major charities that make an impact on us all.

            The first charity fundraiser was launched by yours truly. As an active duty military spouse, I have a personal calling to give back to our nation’s heroes. I chose to start the “Getting Active for Active Valor” fundraiser because it focuses on something that is very present among our community, but it is a subject that can sometimes be shied away from. Active Valor is a San Diego-local owned, veteran founded organization. Their mission is to give new purpose to veterans by pairing them with children who have lost a parent in the line of duty or from PTSD related suicide. Within the foundation, Active Valor hosts multiple events that help connect the children back to the military community with fun adventures and challenges like zombie hunts, indoor skydiving, land navigation tactics, and much more. Along with these fun activities, Active Valor also helps to take care of the surviving spouses by providing assistance, self-defense training and guidance, relaxation retreats, and more.

            Literally fueled by Trident Coffee, I am raising money for Active Valor by training for and running my first marathon. The difficulties of staying committed and dedicated through my training have been overcome with the fact that I am running for a cause that is bigger and more important than my personal struggles. While I am choosing to push my body to its physical limits, you can embody Active Valor’s mission of “becoming the impact” too! (Don't worry, you do not have to run 26.2 miles!) If you would like to help sponsor the next Valor Adventure by aiding in location fees, support a surviving spouses retreat or training class, help purchase custom adventure gear for the kids, and more, click this link HERE  to donate directly to the foundation!

            With the race training going strong and in full swing, Trident Coffee as a whole is helping to sponsor this fundraiser and contribute to this amazing organization. After meeting with the founders of Active Valor, Perry and Jamie Yee, we teamed up to develop a custom, nitro cold brew coffee, specially roasted and crafted for the foundation. We will hand craft a slight variation of our Link In The Chain lighter roast coffee and serve up 500 cans worth of the good stuff. On top of that, Trident Coffee will be donating 50% of the proceeds received from the sales of this roast, directly to the fundraiser.

            We hope that you are as excited as we are to #BecometheImpact for Active Valor with Trident Coffee. Thank you to those who have served and are currently serving. God Bless.


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