Farm to Can to Farm is Trident’s Way of “Making the World Go Round!"

By: Taylor Milton
Looking for more ways to be involved in loving our Earth? Many people take action by collecting garbage, riding bikes, planting trees, cleaning up coral reefs, showing movies, signing petitions, and drinking Trident Coffee!
Here at Trident our best way to stay in a sustainable, Earth-loving cycle is through our Farm to Can to Farm process. We are committed to creating awareness to our Earth, and tying in our communities to that mission as well. If you haven’t seen our documentary on this, absolutely give it a watch. We are so passionate about the way we give back to the farms that give so much to us.
As for the process itself, the general idea begins with our search to interact with organic coffee farms around the world because their coffee is higher in antioxidants, has no pesticides, and it's just a more overall environmentally friendly process. The reputation of the coffee industry tends to get a bad impression for being a wasteful environmental industry. This is because numbers show that global coffee production creates in excess of 23 million tons of waste per year from the pulp of fresh coffee cherries through it’s packaging that brings the roasted beans to most baristas.
Our goal is to give the used coffee grounds, that we used for brewing, back to the farms for proper decomposing instead of the grounds making their way into a common landfill. When those grounds go to a landfill they actually let off methane (greenhouse gasses) extremely toxic to the environment. Instead, we prioritize bringing our coffee grounds to Pixca, a local organic farm, that empties into compostable piles and grows their own vegetables with reusable pallets. Creating this connection to the local farming community allows for them to incorporate an efficient composing process to their sustainability mission. Enriching the soil of these farms has gained attention from many other surrounding farmers who began to ask if there was a way to spare them some bags being brought back. Growing a circulated mission to care for our Earth.

With this much movement in and out of our Taprooms, we make sure to put the coffee in compostable brewing bags. On top of the compostable bagging, we save the burlap bags. When we bring them to Pixca, they use them to grow plants like mushrooms, and they use our old pallets to build their own compost piles! Recently, we have been vamping up and brewing heavily, so we have been making our way to the other smaller farms to drop off any extra bags when we have more to spare!

The Pixca Farms has been a close connection for us before the original farmer has even created the Pixca Farm itself. This relationship embodies the true meaning of lifelong connections that we ultimately stand for. 
We challenge you to take a little time this week from your busy schedules to do one thing that gives back to the planet; the simplest form being drinking coffee with earthy values and in-house milk with us at Trident!

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