Renowned Muscle-Centric Medicine Specialist, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, Joins the Tribe!

By: Taylor Milton

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine, which shifts the paradigm of medicine from fat focused to muscle-centric with the goal of fully optimizing human potential. She is a Washington University fellowship trained physician with a post doc in nutritional science and geriatrics.

Dr. Lyon has carefully crafted individual wellness plans for her patients to give them the opportunity to maximize their overall energy and wellness; her current patient population include military special operations mavericks, innovators in their fields. On top of her successful client-facing career, a few of her publications include the opposing side of plant-based diets, Metabolic Therapies in Orthopedic, and how high-quality proteins are essential for healthy muscles.

To learn more about Dr. Lyon and her fascinating muscle-centric work on the body, check out the personal interview below.

What attracted you to get involved with Trident Coffee and our mission?

My husband spent 10 years as a Navy Seal and I believe strongly in supporting veteran owned companies and even better company is based out of Coronado.

We are all about health and wellness at Trident Coffee. With that being said, what would you say your favorite exercise is that keeps you fit for life and why?
Considering I have had two babies in two years there is not one exercise that I love more than another! Throughout both pregnancies I have trained with kettle bells. So if I had to pick one exercise it would be the kettlebell swing. 

Our founder is a Naval Academy graduate and held a leadership position in the Navy; we take leadership principles seriously around here. What is a really good leadership quality that you have found effective in life?

Leadership is never about what you say but always about what you do. The most effective leadership quality that I have seen within medicine and business continues to be when the leader embodies through actions the behaviors and qualities that he or she wishes to see.
Trident Coffee is all about giving back to the community; we are building something bigger than just great coffee. Do you work with any non-profits or have any that really resonate with you and want to highlight?

Task Force Dagger which provides support for the special operations community.

Life is not always about work, downtime is a must. What is a favorite hobby of yours to get your mind off of things?

I am 100% obsessed with being the best physician and leader I can. Therefore this is where I put my energy. That may sound crazy but I believe when you are on a particular path that work and hobbies coincide.


Dr. Lyon Trident Coffee

We are proud to have such a talented female mind on board with us here at Trident. We prioritize health and well-being at the forefront of our brand, combined with celebrating our community's successes as our own. Let's give a warm welcome to Dr. Gabrielle Lyon!

Interested in trying her favorite coffee? Check it out below!

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