Top 5 Coffee Brewing Methods

By: Elizabeth Kane

We all know there are many different ways to brew coffee. Here at Trident we specialize in the popular nitro cold brew method. This process involves steeping our beans at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, then infusing nitrogen gas into each can to create America’s Finest Cold Brew!

Here’s a list of some other ways to brew your morning caffeine fix at home. 

Drip Machine

Average brewing time: 8 minutes

The most common form of coffee brewing, these machines typically take all the guesswork out of getting your morning brew. Simply put a filter into the basket then fill with grinds, fill the water container, hit a button, and wait anxiously for the yummy aroma to fill your kitchen.

Pour Over

Average brew time: 5 minutes

Almost a complete 180 from the drip machine, the pour over method is well, like it sounds. First bring water to a boil in a kettle with a long spout for pouring. Next place a dripper (that’s really what it’s called) with a filter inside on top of your cup and pour your ground coffee into the filter. Slowly pour about a third of the water on top of your grinds where it will soak the coffee and drip through the filter and into your cup. Pour a second time and voila, a delicately crafted cup of coffee. 

French Press

Average brew time: 5 minutes

This method, slightly less complex than the pour over method, is another electricity-free way to get a well-brewed cup. Start by boiling water. Then open up your french press (i.e. remove the plunger) and fill the pot with a heaping tablespoon of grinds and gently stir. Next pour your water into the pot and place the plunger back on top, but don’t push it down yet! Let the pot sit for 4 minutes, then slowly but with equal pressure press down the plunger separating all the grinds down to the bottom, leaving your perfect brew in the pot to be poured out. 

Moka Pot/Bialetti

Average brew time: 10 minutes

You typically see Bialettis, also called moka pots, for espresso, but larger apparatuses also exist. With the machine taken apart, pour water into the bottom compartment of the pot. Place the filter basket, spout down, into the pot and place your grinds into the basket, making sure not to press the grinds down. Screw the top of the pot on, and place the entire machine into your burner. Now for the fun part… With the lid open, on moderate heat, you’ll see coffee begin to spew out the top and hear a funny puffing noise. When the steam turns to the color of honey, remove the machine from the heat, close the lid, and wrap a cold, wet cloth around the bottom (this prevents the coffee from developing a metallic taste). Finally, your bold coffee is ready to drink!



Average brew time: 2 minutes

Unless you’re deeply invested in the coffee industry, you likely have no idea what an Aeropress is… I’ll admit I didn’t! Think a more portable and handheld french press. Screw the cylinders together with the open side up. Next then add grinds and water to the cylinder and stir a few times. Now place a filter into the cap, wet it, and screw it onto the top. Wait 1 minute before flipping the entire apparatus upside down, placing it on your cup, and, like the french press, press the top cylinder down into the other (squeezing the brewed coffee through the filter cap and into your cup). When all of the coffee is extruded out of the cylinder, unscrew the cap and pop the remaining puck of used grinds out.



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