Anchors Up for Our Next Harvest of the Month!

By: Taylor Milton
Anchors Aweigh
Coffee was said to be first introduced to Colombia in 1723 spreading slowly as a commercial crop to various regions around the country, but the popularity of its production didn’t begin until the end of the 19th century. By 1912 Colombia’s coffee production exploded becoming approximately 50% of the country's total exports. Today, Colombia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world. The man and infamous farmer, Juan Valdez, is the initial symbol behind Colombia’s trademark in coffee; he appears on all bags, beans, and advertising visuals making himself a point of recognition to any outsider identifying with coffee exportation, or even the country itself. Phrases like “Mountain Grown Coffee” and “100% Colombian Coffee” were coined with his face to stand out in a way that would remain in the minds of consumers across the world.
Wild fact, but the Tolima region, where we get our direct trade, had been controlled by a rebel group called FARC until not too long ago making the coffee accessibility in this region very difficult. This only allowed small farms to sell from micro-lots because the region had to withstand many years of suffrage after fighting. The aftermath created such a difficulty to distribute quality coffee around the region for many years. Tolima’s harvest season is at its peak from March through June with the main crop, and October through December tends to be its harvest period for the mitaca crop. We decided to interact with Tolima using Selecto Exportadores, a smallholder farm established in 2005 headquartered in Manizales, Caldas. The company is certified in Fair Trade and sources organically through several coffee ground regions, most importantly Tolima. Their concentration of coffee sourcing itself starts at an altitude between 1200-1900m priming around 1850 meters. at Trident we take those Colombian Anchors Aweigh beans and American Roast them so that this light roast takes on bittersweet chocolate, honey, and orange peel tasting notes. The general flavoring and tasting notes of Colombian coffee range in a large spectrum of flavors from sweet and fruity, to heavier chocolate coffees. Prior to being roasted the beans process fully washed and dried in mechanical drums.
Our Anchors Aweigh allows you to start or continue your day sipping freely through any obstacles that may be holding you back. Pull up that metaphorical anchor, prepare to take on the day, and set sail towards your best version of this life. One wave at a time, one day at a time.

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