A Handcrafted Collaboration for the Greater Good

We strive to push the creative edge with our cold brew coffee brewery and what we offer.  Pairing single origin specialty grade coffees with different ingredients have attributed to many fan favorites so far: between Ambrotos, Son of a Son of a Sailor, Stoic Bond and many rotating selections.  

With an emphasis on health and wellness, our next step was to incorporate some protein into our cold brews, and as fate would have it, we were introduced to BUBS Naturals through a mutual friend and we started the brainstorming process.


This collaboration brings to light some of the new industry trends in health and wellness.  Ketogenic lifestyles and collagen protein have become very popular in the last several months due to their noticeable improvements in people's quality of life and  physical performance.  

The Fountain of Youth brings together these two trends for people striving for ketosis and those looking to keep mobile while feeling more energetic and youthful.  The MCT Oil helps regular blood sugar levels and use fat as fuel, while the collagen protein strengthens hair, skin and nails and improves joint wellbeing. 

The best part of this collaboration is the focus on giving back.  The proceeds from this cold brew will go to the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation and help provide scholarships for veterans and their family members. [http://www.glendohertyfoundation.org/] 

For those looking to enjoy an amazingly smooth cold brew packed with healthy ingredients and give back to charity, this is your cold brew.  This is a limited release item and only available for a limited time.


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