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Olympus Club

Olympus Club

Rise up and join us on Olympus.  We are offering three deity level packages loaded with tons of ways to enjoy your favorite Trident cold brew coffee that are good for life, none of these one year memberships catches here, what is the point of being an Olympian if the deals are not immortal.  Each level gets a custom shirt and thermos that only the Olympus club members will receive designed by our great friend Frankie, from Konxept SD.    

Poseidon.  Our top tier loaded with amazing deals and unique experiences.  Have you ever wanted to make your own cold brew coffee and share it with your friends?  Now you can work with us to craft your very own cold brew coffee that we will put on our rotating tap, so the world can experience your signature elixir, and we will make two cases of nitro cold brew cans for you to take and share amongst your close friends.  Not to mention 30% off our cold brews from our taproom, and total deals worth over $7,000. (Limit 15 people).

Triton. For those that love our cold brew and love great deals, 25% off our cold brews from our taproom for life.  Paired up with some free cold brew and roasted coffee valued over $5,000. (Limit 30 people).

Atlas. Our entry level tier gets to take advantage of 20% off cold brews from our tap, as well as some free coffee and apparel with a value over $4,000. (Limit 60 people).

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