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Many things make coffee special to us, but the one cornerstone that symbolizes who we are is unification.  Been around the world, and have seen the effects of people highlighting and fighting over their differences, vice celebrating their similarities and coming together.  Coffee was the one thing that created bridges, not barriers. I have sat at tables and in bunkers with people I did not share the same language, same ethnicity, same religion, or same culture, but was able to connect with them over a shared beverage...coffee.  

Despite all of our differences, we were able to display commonality by drinking coffee together and electing to share in our humanity even if just for ten minutes.  We want to continually create that community experience and remind people that we have a lot more in common with others than we expect.  

The Trident is the most powerful nautical symbol and is showcased by Poseidon's ability to control the oceans and cause earthquakes in Greek mythology.  In that same manner, he had the capability to connect every person through earth and water.  These are the two ingredients we craft; coffee and water, and we want to use them to energize a community dedicated to living with courage and character and we hope you will join us on this adventure.


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