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Writer: Virginia Garner | Graphic Designer: Arella Hill
July 29th, 2022

This month, we want you to remember the power of generosity; our Link in the Chain roast is the perfect daily reminder. Just one act of kindness can be the catalyst to a whole chain of generosity.

A chain can't be strong with weak links, so pay it forward, Tribe, and become a link in the chain; you never know how long it'll grow.

Lavender is known to be very soothing and relaxing with various health benefits. Making this Keto Latte the ultimate go-to, fuel this summer.

No matter if you like your coffee decaf, bold, or quick, we've got the right thing for you!

Our decaf Ships in the Night Roasted Beans are perfect if you'd like to keep a cup of coffee in your morning routine, but don't want the caffeine jitters!

Plus, our bold Dreadnaught espresso has a tasteful tint of hazelnut and will help make all your at-home coffee drinks like americanos, espresso shots, lattes - you name it.

In a rush in the mornings? Pop a Trident K-Cup in any Keurig model to indulge in a fuel that'll last you all day, in just a few minutes!

All 5 of Lazy Acres' locations now carry our coffee. Pick up Trident, Calm Under Pressure, Ambrotos, or Son of a Son of a Sailor, our churro flavored coffee, during your next grocery trip.

GREAT NEWS for our Midwestern Tribe Members: pick up these same classic coffee's at Woodman's Market and at Pete's Fresh Market.

You can also get Trident on sale during the month of August at Jimbo's, Gelson's, Lassen's, Central Market, and Frazier Farms.

We're still hosting weekly Happy Hours at our TapRooms. Buy one get one free coffee and double your TapMango points towards Trident rewards every week.

Monday through Thursday, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Want to beat the line?

Order ahead on the Trident App.

Our Tribe of the month is Fran and his beautiful family. As the organizer of City Sweat San Diego, Fran cares deeply about the health and wellness of not only his family, but the whole San Diego community. Just like us, he strives to connect everyone through shared commonalities, and we fully support him in his efforts.


In case you missed it, we've got NEW Swag.

Together T-shirt, Link Tank, Windbreakers, and Black Trident Coffee Tumblers

Plus, a few of these items are 15% OFF this month, and there are only a few left. Get 'em while you can, Tribe.

Check out one of our inspiring ambassadors, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, on her NEW podcast. She works hard to educate the public about health and wellness through transparent, truthful conversations. Give it a listen. You're bound to learn something new.

We were reviewed by Coffee Review and they described our Trident roast as a "friendly, straightforward Brazil cup, sweetly nut-toned with support from citrus and floral notes," and we hope you agree. As for our other roasts, read below.

Vital Tribe Member and our Director of Operations, Derek, was interviewed by CanvasRebel, a platform that prioritizes the stories and insights of small business owners. Check out the inside scoop on Derek and how he began his journey at Trident Coffee.

We live full steam ahead, and we want to bring you along!

Join us and reach your fullest potential.

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